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Opportunities for 2022/23

We are looking to fill multiple positions for the 2022/23 school year. Volunteering is good for the soul! Being involved with the PAC at Willows gives you the chance to have a direct impact on the school, your child's education and experiences...and you can have fun and make new friends too!
If you are interested in any of these roles for the 2022/23 school year, please email us! No past PAC experience is necessary!

Chair or Co-Chairs

The PAC Chair or Co-Chair/s is an advocate for parents at the school and communicates regularly with school administrative and leadership staff. They work with the PAC executive group on projects and events to improve the school for all students. This position can be filled by one or more people who work together to fulfill this role.

The PAC Chair: provides leadership in the council’s day to day business. They consult with, take direction from and represent the parents of the school. They work with the PAC team to achieve set goals. As well as attending and facilitating all PAC related meetings (usually 1-2 per month), they should be familiar with the Constitution and By-laws and Code of Conduct.


Approximate time commitment: 2-3 hours per week, possibly more when there is upcoming event or project, less if there are no events.


“I’ve really enjoyed my time as PAC Chair, it’s not a big scary, time consuming job as people often think.  I’ve gotten to know more parents than I would otherwise and have a great relationship with the school principal and staff.  And, at school events, when you get to hand out the treats, freezies or ice cream, you are the most popular parent at school!  I’ve had a great team to work with, everyone is happy to help each other out, and it’s a lot of fun!” – Cindy, PAC Chair, 2017-2021.

Vice Chair or Co-Vice Chair

The PAC Vice-Chair supports the PAC Chair in their role and may assume their duties where needed. There may be one or more people who work together to fulfill this role. This position can be combined with any Member-at-Large or Co-ordinator position.


Approximate time commitment: 1-2 hours per week, possibly more if there is an event or project, less if there are no events. Vice-Chair is expected to attend monthly PAC meetings.

"I joined the PAC executive because I believe that through parental involvement and modelling, our kids can learn about the importance of community, collective action and the fact that people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can impact positive change. I'm looking forward to working with a new group on the executive in 2021/22!" ~Karen, PAC Vice-Chair and Communications, 2020 - 2021.


The secretary records, distributes and files minutes of PAC meetings, as well as keeping up-to-date copies of the constitution and by-laws. They prepare and maintain and distribute other documentation as requested by PAC members. The secretary also receives and processes correspondence on behalf of the PAC and ensures safekeeping of records.

The PAC Secretary needs to commit to all meetings for the year. This position is one of the least commitment heavy roles in the executive, so it works with a lot of different schedules.

Specific desired skills – good typing skills, able to summarize main points of a discussion, good organizational skills.

Approximate time commitment: 1 hour per week, dependent on if it’s a meeting week. Some weeks don’t require any time.

“I joined the PAC to feel like I was part of the process of contributing to the school. I also wanted an avenue to meet parents I would have otherwise not had a chance to meet... I also feel that people are often afraid of attending meetings for fear of getting roped into helping. This is very rarely the case. More often, parents get an evening away from the bedtime duties - and cookies!“ ~ Krissy, PAC Secretary, 2018-2021.


The role of Treasurer will suit someone who is good with numbers and who is qualified or skilled in the field of accounting or bookkeeping. The Treasurer ensures that PAC funds are properly recorded and accounted for and disburses funds by cheque as authorised by the executive. In addition, the Treasurer drafts PAC budgets in consultation with the PAC executive and applies for an annual BC Gaming Grant. They prepare financial reports to present at meetings and prepare and submit reports on gaming funds spent to the government.

Approximate time commitment: 2 hours per week, dependent on if it’s a meeting week. Some weeks don’t require any time.

“If you are interested in learning more about how the finances of a not-for-profit organization are managed then this is a role that might be of interest to you! Volunteering on the PAC has given me an opportunity to meet new parents, to get to know the staff at Willows better and has provided me with an opportunity to exercise my skillset in a volunteer capacity.” ~ Jenny, PAC Treasurer, 2016 - 2021.

Victoria Coalition of Parent Advisory Council (VCPAC) Representative

The VCPAC Representative can be combined with any of the other Executive or Co-ordinator or Member at Large roles. They attend all VCPAC meetings and represent the school at these meetings. They report regularly to the PAC members at monthly meetings and vice-versa to the VCPAC. They receive correspondence from the VCPAC on behalf of the Willows PAC. Click for more information about the VCPAC.



Members-At-Large are executive positions who may take on an additional coordinator or committee role depending on individual interests or skills. Time commitment for these positions vary, however these members are expected to attend monthly PAC meetings and to report on their activities at these meetings when it is appropriate. 

Coordinators, teams and Committees

- Class Representative Coordinator, communicating with class reps.

- Fun Lunch Team, assisting Fun Lunch coordinators each month.

- Events Team, assisting in the planning and implementation of PAC events.

- Emergency Preparedness Team, reviewing inventory and updating supplies.

- Welcome to Willows, welcoming new families to the community throughout the school year.

- Active Families Team, coordinating active transport initiatives and 'drop in' family activities.

- Volunteer/Teacher Appreciation Team, coordinating appreciation cards and gifts and end of year luncheon.

- Back to School Stationary Supplies Team, working with suppliers and admin to organize supply program.

- Lost and Found Team, 4 times year, working with school staff to display items and help lost items find their way home.

- Library Helpers, assisting librarian with re-shelving books.

- Food or Clothing Donation Drive Team, coordinating food/clothing drives and delivering to charities.

- Grade 5 Committee, coordinating end of year celebrations and Grade 5 hoodie signatures and orders.

- Grant Writer, working with executive members to write and secure fundraising grants.

Class Representatives

Each year we look for dedicated parents/guardians to step up and act as Class Representatives! This volunteer role comes with a template for success and the flexibility to tailor it based on your unique classroom experience.  Acting as Class Rep is your opportunity to be more connected to your child’s classroom, the teacher, other parents and the school. Increased involvement leads to increased connectedness for both you and your child.


As Class Rep you will:

  • Keep parents informed about the happenings of the classroom, school, and PAC

  • Compile accurate class lists and be responsible for maintaining them

  • Help build community within your classroom and the school

  • Attend PAC meetings


If you are interested in acting as your child’s Class Rep, please email the Class Rep Coordinator at

  • In the subject line please include: the teacher’s name and Div # (if you know it)

  • In the body of the email please include: your name, email address, and phone number


This may be a shared position based on interest in the role. 


pre-covid timeline for school events (we look forward to them returning!)

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