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PAC Meeting Dates, Agenda & Minutes


PAC meetings take place at 7pm-8:15pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the month in the school library.

Next meeting: Wednesday January 18th, 2023

Agenda Here

Previous (Nov 17th, 2022):

Meeting Agenda (below and online HERE)

  1. Land acknowledgement - guest speaker

  2. Approval of October 19th, 2022 meeting minutes and current Agenda

  3. Principal/Vice-Principal updates

  4. PAC updates and rep reports

  5. Parent feedback & survey

  6. Volunteer openings: VCPAC Rep, Lost & Found Manager

  7. Parent session, followed by Q&A: Kids & Financial Literacy - FIND THE PARENT EDUCATION SESSIONS MATERIAL HERE


Do your kids think that money grows on trees or ask you to buy things “with that plastic card”? You’re not alone! With an increasingly cashless society, children aren’t seeing *actual* money being spent like they used to. 

Let’s talk about teaching kids about money - how to save, spend, earn, and make decisions that affect their financial health.

— with Alexandra (Alyx) Valdal  BA, CHS, CFP, CLU - Iron & Pearl Financial

Alyx’s two kids are always asking to buy things (with their own money).  Besides financial advising for adults, she is passionate about financial literacy for the next generation and teaches kids money classes online with

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