Lunch Programs

A note from your Willows PAC Executive

October 2020

Dear Willows Parents,

In order to maintain the safety of our children, teachers and volunteers, we regret we will not be running the Fun Lunch (pizza/sushi) program this year.

For those parents who signed up for Fun Lunches in 2019/2020, there were 3 months (from April to June) where Fun Lunches were paid for but not received by students. All outstanding credit balances on file from the 2019/2020 school year were rolled forward.

Parents are being asked to direct the PAC on what to do with these rolled forward balances. There are 2 choices:

  1. Donate your money from unreceived Fun Lunches from the 2019/2020 program to the PAC. The funds raised from the Fun Lunch program usually make up a large portion of the PAC’s annual revenue. Your donation to the PAC will go directly to paying for the following costs in the 2020/2021 school year:

  • Classroom allotments: $200 per classroom to cover the cost of supplies

  • Field trips: $280 per classroom to cover the cost of learning experiences that meet all health and safety guidelines

  • Library: $1,500 to pay for new book purchases

  • Home reading books: $1,000 to pay for English and French home reading books

  • Staff appreciation: $1,250 to cover the cost of supporting and appreciating admin, custodians, crossing guards, teachers and support staff over the school year

  • Funds for any COVID-19 related needs staff may have 

  • Emergency earthquake supplies for each class


2. Receive a full refund. The PAC will reimburse the full amount of your Fun Lunch balance on file by cheque. To maintain social distancing, all cheques will be mailed to families and will take up to three weeks to process.


To register your choice to donate or refund your credit balance on file, please see the instructions on how to do this  below.

Note: it is very important that you use the same email address to re-register your account as this will “link” your 2020/2021 account to your 2019/2020 account which contains the credit balance.


Please help the PAC volunteers who are coordinating this effort by responding via the Hot Lunch website by Friday, October 16. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: No family will be denied a refund even if they respond after the deadline. If families request a refund during the 2020/2021 school year, the PAC will ensure that the request is honoured, and the balance on file will be refunded by cheque.


Instructions to donate or refund 2019/2020 Fun Lunch money

1. Go to

2. Click REGISTER (you must re-register to donate or receive your refund. You cannot use last year’s password).


3. Enter all your details. The access code is: WHL

VERY IMPORTANT: Please use the same email address as last year, otherwise you will not be able to see your account balance from last year.

4. You should then be led to the home page that shows your account balance in a green bar.


1. Please click the black ‘Donate’ button in the yellow box and confirm ‘OK’ in the pop up box and you are done. If you would like to make an additional voluntary contribution for this year, please see instructions on the next page. If not, log out of the Hotlunch website.



1. After you have re-registered. Click on the ‘Profile’ menu and choose ‘Add student’.

2. Enter the parent name the cheque should be made out to and select ‘Willows PAC’ as the class name. Click ‘Insert’.

3. Click the ‘Refund’ button.

4. Then check the Refund box and click ‘Update Order & Proceed’. NOTE: you will see $0.00 as the amount. That is OK, please disregard this. As long as you have seen your transaction balance on the homepage it will be fully refunded.

5. You should be led to a page that says ‘Order Has Been Saved for NAME’.

6. Your cheque will be mailed to the mailing address entered on your account within three weeks. You are done! Log out of the Hotlunch website.



NOTE: You must donate your balance from 2019/2020 before you can make your 2020/2021 contribution.

1. Click on the ‘Profile’ menu and choose ‘Add student’

2. Enter a parent’s name and select ‘Willows PAC’ as the class name. Select ‘Insert’.

3. Select ‘Donate’

4. Enter the amount you would like to donate for the 2020/2021 year or press the up arrow.

5. Choose ‘Pay with PayPal’ and follow PayPal instructions for online payments or ‘Print Remittance Form’ for cheque payments. Remember to log out of the Hotlunch website.


Please direct any questions you may have to