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Playground survey results are in!

Thank you for all the votes on the Gr 4/5 playground! Option A with the Tetra-Web won with 52% of the votes!

We also want to thank you for all of your feedback! So much of it was grateful and positive. We’ve pulled all the comments that had questions in them and the answers are below:

Question: I worry the zip line is only accessible to tall kids. This zip line style typically doesn't slide very well. I would like to see more areas to play as a group, this is all in a line. At this age they like to climb and play together, rather than just take turns. One giant climber would have been nice.

Answer: We hear your concerns. The reason the play structure in a line is because of the site parameters were allowed by the district. We have a long rectangular space to use. The playground companies that we asked to explore structure options provided plans that use the space the best. We’re pleased that the Tetra-Web does fulfill the need for climbing and group play.

Question: How about some slides?

Answer: Due to the clearance around a slide required by BC healthy and safety regulations a slide was unfortunately not an option for this particular site.

Question: We also like the spinning thing from Option B. Can we that piece be an addition with Option A too? Looks good! Thanks for this it is very exciting!

Answer: We would love to be able to say yes to that addition but playgrounds are SO expensive. We know kids love to spin! This would be a great addition to the Gr. 2 / 3 side perhaps? We will put your suggestion in our files.

Question: Option A has too many monkey bars. I am short and can rarely reach them! Webs are


Answer: We’re glad that you’re going to enjoy the web structure! The playground companies have provided age appropriate structures that provide opportunities for climbing, swinging, chasing and socializing. Monkey bars are set to be a little challenging as kids start to lose upper body strength as they get older. Let’s hope that with a boost and a growth spurt you’ll be able to scale those bars with Spidey skills!

Question: Can there also be a swing set?

Answer: Swings would be awesome! Swing sets need a lot of clearance around them and unfortunately we are constrained by the size of the playground area allocated to us. To see a good example of how much clearance is required take a tour of Monterey Middle School’s recently installed swings.

Question: This is really great but I think would be more suitable for the 2-3 playground as grades 4&5 kids just like to kick a ball around and sit and chat. The 2-3s really need a new play structure. Thanks!

Answer: We hear you on the Gr. 2 / 3 playground. Let’s get planning for more enhancements to it! As there is currently a play structure in place there, the Gr. 4 / 5 playground took priority. We may currently see the Gr. 4 / 5 kids only kicking a ball and sitting/walking and chatting because they don’t have anything else to do on that field. Children that are nine and ten years old still require structures to be physically active on.



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