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PAC Contribution Drive 2018/19

A new approach - "Donution"

Welcome Willows families! We appreciate that your time is valuable, and find that an annual contribution drive is preferable to running numerous fundraising events (such as selling wrapping paper or magazine subscriptions to your friends and neighbours). Direct contributions save hours of your time, limit the commercialization of our school and most importantly, ensure that 100% of your money is kept in the Willows community!

To make this contribution process easy for you we have combined Pizza/Sushi Day orders with the option to make your annual PAC contribution, all in one order.

When placing your lunch order for your child(ren), tick the box for your annual $50 PAC contribution (if you have 2+ kids then we ask for $100). Pay it all with one click!

As a thank you for your contribution to the PAC, we will be offering ALL children a (regular or gluten-free) donut in February. Hence “Donution”... See what we did there?!

If you wish to contribute a different amount, cheques are accepted at the school office. Please make cheques payable to Willows PAC.

Where does the money go?

Below are some examples of how your PAC donations are spent:

  • Purchase and installation of new playground equipment: We just spent $55k on the new Cadboro Bay Grade 4/5 playground! It’s time to start saving up again!

  • New English and French books for the library and classrooms are bought every year.

  • Community building events: Ice-cream Social, Movie Night, the Blossom Tree Festival and Bike to School Week prizes

  • Outside sports equipment: Gaga Ball pit and replacement balls, skipping ropes, Fun Day equipment and popsicles.

  • Each Division teacher gets $200 to spend on classroom needs.

  • A catered Staff Appreciation Lunch, Christmas and end of year gifts for staff.

  • Author talks for kids and education speakers for parents. The list goes on and on.

The PAC aims to enrich your child’s educational experience and continue to support our Willows community. Our ability to do both often comes at a financial cost. Please help us to say ‘YES’ more often by donating today!

The website for ordering Pizza/Sushi and Donuts is

Thank you.

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