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pre-2022 PAC Contribution Program

Each year the PAC reaches out to you to ask for your generous contributions towards programs that the PAC supports and funds on an ongoing basis. We appreciate that your time is valuable, and find that an annual contribution drive is preferable to running numerous fundraising events (such as selling wrapping paper or magazine subscriptions to your friends and neighbours).

How do I donate?

  • contribute through PayPal using the buttons to the right (preferred method) OR place your cheque in an envelope and return it to the school office.

  • Please make all cheques payable to “Willows PAC”.

How much?

We are asking for a suggested donation from $50-$150. All donations are appreciated and voluntary.

When is the deadline?

Please donate by October 31, 2021. 

Our contribution deadline is to help us establish our budget. 

However, we accept donations throughout the year.

Where does your money go?

  • to developing school community through events held at the school, such as our annual Ice Cream Social, Movie Night, the Blossom Tree Festival and Bike to School Week prizes.

  • to empowering parents through parent education nights like the Reading & Writing talk and the presentation on Childhood Anxiety

  • to supporting student learning by funding library purchases, the music program, field trips, bus transportation, learning assistance

  • to encouraging teachers: each class gets $300 to spend on their classroom 

  • to supporting families through time and money saving activities such as the bulk ordering of school supplies and buying Emergency Preparedness food and gear

  • to building our school through long term capital investments, like the new gym sound system, audio aids in each classroom and buying Gr 4/5 playground equipment

  • to encouraging activity through the purchase of outside sports equipment: Gaga ball pit and replacement balls, skipping ropes, Fun Day equipment and popsicles


The PAC aims to enrich your child’s educational experience and continue to support our Willows community. Our ability to do both often comes at a financial cost. Please help us to say ‘YES’ more often by donating today!
These initiatives cannot continue without your  donations - thank you for supporting our school community!

2021/2022 (not published?)

How do I donate?


Follow these simple steps:


  1. Visit the Willows School website and click the 'Make a Donation' button on the left, or click here to go to School Cash Online, SD61's secure donation portal.

  2. Enter your donation amount (Donations $20+ will receive a tax receipt).

  3. For the field “Fund Destination”, select Willows Elementary-PAC. 

  4. For the field "Tribute Information" select Not a tribute gift.

  5. Check out your cart item (ie. Donation), you can choose to sign in or continue as a guest.

How much?

We are asking for a suggested donation from $50-$150. All donations are appreciated and voluntary.


If you wish to pay via PayPal, use one of the buttons below to go to the PayPal website and make your payment. There is no cost to you to use PayPal, and you do not need a PayPal account.

$50 donation
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