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Class Representative Duties

Thank-you so much for your willingness to act as Class Rep this year.


Please be sure to introduce yourself to your teacher and let them know that you will be acting as the Class Rep.


Your first task is to compile the coveted class list for your class. You will be provided a template to document this information collected on paper forms.


In addition to the creation of the class list, there are a number of responsibilities that will comprise your role. Some of these responsibilities will be driven by your teacher, others by the PAC and your parent community.


One Responsibility is to ensure that your classroom is represented at all the PAC meetings. Ideally you would attend or have another parent from your class attend in your place.


Here is an overview of a Class Rep’s responsibilities:


  • Compile an accurate class list; gathering written permission to use and distribute the list within the class. The permission is very important to gather before any lists can be distributed as this is a legal step required to ensure everyone’s right to privacy. It may be a safety issue for some families to remain off the list. Once all the forms have been collected and your list is compiled, these forms must be submitted to the office for safe-keeping and future reference.

  • Ensure that a class representative attends the monthly PAC meetings on Zoom.

  • Communicate information from the PAC to your class.

  • Coordinate parent volunteers required for field trips, pizza days, PAC special events and helpers in the classroom as requested by your teachers.

  • Liaise with your teacher on a regular basis to ensure things are “covered” and that needs are addressed with plenty of notice.

  • Help to build a classroom community and build the school’s community by encouraging classroom specific events and participating in school events.

  • Facilitate the purchase of teacher gifts, should your class wish to do a group gift at Christmas and the end of the school year.


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