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What does PAC do?

The PAC Constitution and Bylaws (adopted at PAC AGM May 18 2022, last revised June 2022) is available HERE.

- Willows PAC operates a PAC Contribution program, which has annually raised $10,000 – $14,000, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the school community. 

- Willows PAC supports each classroom teacher with a yearly allotment of funds to make purchases to support classroom learning, at the teacher’s discretion. This includes money to defray field trip costs.
- We also funded: a school mural, a water bottle filling station, the TV screen outside the office, picnic tables, the audio system in the school gym, computerized call back system, home reading books, library books, Fine Arts performances, playground leadership training, author talks, the music program, outdoor play equipment, an outdoor learning space, bike safety initiatives and student and teacher recognition.
- We aim to have every parent and guardian connected in some aspect of the learning community of their child. These opportunities greatly benefit the long term achievement of all our children. Community building at every level is a PAC priority.

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