Executive & Committees


Contact Us: willowspac@gmail.com

Co- Chair - Kristin Wright and Shona McLaren

Treasurer - Ian Rennie, willowstreasurer@gmail.com


Secretary - Megan Stewart

Member at Large - Jen Ruby (Volunteer Coordinator)

Member at Large - Janine Slavinsky (Events Coordinator)

Member at Large - Kate Molloy (Parent Ed Coordinator)

Past Chair - Cindy Rodier

Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Council (VCPAC) Representative - Kristin Wright


Fun Lunch Coordinators - Michele Bristow and Kerrie Lowe

Class Representative Coordinator - Trish Weaver

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator - Sarah Malan

Kindergarten Representative - Alejandra Hergert, Claire Abecia  kindywillowspac@gmail.com

Events Coordinator - Janine Slavinsky

Events Team - Danielle Brochu, Ashley Hamilton, Jena Wilson

Stationary Supply Coordinator - Nicole Forseth

PAC Meeting Signage - Danielle Brochu

Volunteer and Teacher Appreciation Coordinator and Team- Vacant

Bike to School Week Coordinator and Team - Vacant 

Lost and Found Coordinator and Team- Vacant

Welcome to Willows Coordinator and Team- Vacant

Canadian Parents for French Coordinator - Mike Sugimoto

We are always looking for more volunteers for these and many other positions. We welcome all parent to join our wonderful team, check out Opportunities or  email willowspac@gmail.com if you are interested. The more the merrier!