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Parent Education Resources

May, 2024 Willows PAC Parent Education Night on Diversity and Inclusion in Disability in School with speakers Alycia Garcia and Karen Lai, moderated by Willows parent Alejandra Hergert. Download presentation slides: Using Inclusive Language to Talk About Disabilities with Children and Inclusion and Accessibility.

May, 2023 Joint Oak Bay High, Monterey and Willows PAC Parent Education Night on Keeping Children Safe from Sexual Exploitation with speaker Tiana Sharifi, CEO Exploitation Education Institute. FREE Parent PDF Resources available: here.

November, 2022 As part of Financial Literacy month, Certified Financial Planner professional Alexandra (Alyx) Valdal led a discussion in talking to our kids about money. Check out the presentation slides HERE and the PDF handout HERE . ⁠

January, 2021 Joint Margaret Jenkins and Willows PAC Parent Education Night on Yummy, Healthy Lunches with Kristin Yarker. Full presentation can be found HERE and PDF handout HERE.

February, 2017  Jennifer Gibson, Island Sexual Health - Download the handout HERE.

October, 2016 Reading Writing Connection with Wendy Payne and Orla Colgate - Download the presentation HERE.

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