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Hallowe'en costumes

Let's talk about celebrating Halloween, at our school and within our greater community, with costumes! Our school is committed to being a place where everyone feels safe and respected; if you are planning to wear costumes on the weekend and at school, please take a look at what you and your students are planning to wear.

Costumes should not become opportunities to turn a person’s identity into a stereotyped image. If you need to, please talk to your children and make sure that costumes do not portray stereotyped images of a culture or group of people. Help students select a costume that is not offensive to any racial, ethnic or religious group, any people with disabilities or illnesses, or other stereotypical images. For example, reinforcing the importance of not darkening skin or using makeup to change a child’s skin colour to match the person who they are dressing up to be. Students are often unaware of the long history these traditions have of causing harm and need our help in understanding why it can be hurtful.

Thank you for the template wording for this letter, from an open letter shared by teacher Jess Lifshitz on Twitter, October 23, 2021

Here are some more resources that may be helpful, regarding this topic:


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