After two years with no PAC sponsored events, we are so pleased to announce the Willow's PAC Blossom Tree Festival on Thursday May 19th, from 5-7pm, at Willows School.

We cannot hold the festival without volunteer support! Specifically, we are looking for help with set up and take down (1 hour) and supervising and running the activities (1/2 hour time slots). We also welcome responsible older siblings volunteering in certain capacities. If you are able, please sign up HERE to help pull this event off for our wonderful school community!

Thanks in advance! We are so excited to see you all next week!


Willows PAC Events Team

Updated: May 2

Willows PAC is very excited to be offering a virtual Parent Education Workshop with speaker Monique Gray Smith May 3rd at 7pm

Zoom Link:

Monique will be speaking about Truth and Reconciliation and how to speak to our children about it in a loving and appropriate way.

Monique Gray Smith is an Award Winning, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Consultant. Monique has 7 books ranging for readers across the life span. These include Speaking our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation; My Heart Fills with Happiness, You Hold Me Up, Lucy and Lola, Tilly: A Story of Hope and Resilience and recently released, When We Are Kind.

Monique’s books are used to share wisdom, knowledge, hope and the important teaching that love is medicine.

Monique is Cree, Lakota and Scottish and has been sober and involved in her healing journey for over 30 years. She is well known for her storytelling, spirit of generosity and focus on resilience.

More information about Monique can be found on her website at

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